Laser Alignment in Shelby, AL

Bentley Optical Alignment Services, LLC provides paper mills with optical/laser alignment repair in Alabama, helping to address inefficiencies, misalignments and premature wear in paper roll machines. Using portable FARO laser equipment and precision instrumentation, we provide our customers with the figures they need to understand the condition of their machinery. Then, we get you what you need to fix the issue, to put operations back on track seamlessly.

Laser Alignment Services

Paper machines are complex pieces of equipment. The smallest miscalibration or area of wear could put your operations in danger—inefficient production and machine breakdown are problems you can ill-afford to have. Turn to us for paper machine laser alignment in Alabama to keep things running efficiently.

Using high-efficiency FARO laser equipment and optical instrumentation, we’re able to detect and quantify alignment across your machine’s vital components, including:

  • Calendars
  • Coaters
  • Dryer sections
  • Line shafts
  • Press sections
  • Pumps
  • Reels
  • Sheeters
  • Wet ends
  • Winders

Laser Alignment

Precision Measurement Services

If our measurements show a calibration problem in your machinery, we are here to help you get the measurements to fix the problem. Often, problems are easy to spot on their own and we’re seasoned at knowing where to look for them. We take the time to thorough assess every machine we inspect, looking for signs of wear, inefficiency or imperfections in the final product. Some of the issues we’re able to repair include:

  • Baggy edges
  • Bearing wear
  • Bent or warped machine frames
  • Coating profile
  • Erratic seams
  • Head box profiles
  • Shaft bearing misalignment
  • Misalignment due to poor installation
  • Misalignment due to settling
  • Misalignment in drive systems
  • Poor product quality
  • Roll misalignment
  • Scissors effect between press rolls
  • Short felt life
  • Slow machine speeds
  • Tracking problems
  • Uneven dewatering
  • Vibration
  • Wet end and foil misalignment
  • Wrinkles

Contract Our Expertise

If you own and operate a paper mill, it pays to have a paper machine alignment expert weigh in on the status and calibration of your machinery. Bentley Optical Alignment Services, LLC provides the critical measurement and precision mechanical services you need to keep operations running flawlessly, whether you’re in Shelby, AL, Georgia, or Mississippi. Contact us today at 205-669-9293 to schedule an alignment.

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